Ignore Result – Follow Process

“Ignore result,” was a common mantra of Grandmaster Suh. He constantly reminded us to to “try to hard for power,” that power will come out of excellent training following principles — that if you try for power, you will lose it. This is such an important point that I should post it every day for a decade! Do not try for speed; follow slowness. Do not try for power; follow proper mechanics. Do not use tension; use softness and relaxing. From these thoughts grows the greatest skill. From the greatest skill comes the greatest martial arts.

Mr. Suh always reminded me to eliminate just one bad habit a day. Train forms, animal techniques, take-downs and joint locks etc., chi kung … every day … and remove one bad habit … improve just one thing. As the years go by your skill will surface — almost unnoticed. Skill isn’t something you can demand; it is something you can encourage to arrive but cannot demand. His thoughts are with me today 40 some years later.

Angle and attack.

Angle and attack.

Train slowly, train evenly … do not rush body or mind. Let your improvement happen over time. Be patient.



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