Structure is the hose that water pours through. Without the hose, there is no possible way of transporting water in such a focused way. If the hose is weak, it breaks; if the hose is too stiff, it’s lack of pliability impedes its full use.

Our bodies are similar to the hose. They are the structures that deliver power — focused energy from the mind, body and spirit (desire). A fighters body needs to remain supple of which adds to their strength, not detracts. Another word that helps a fighter is “looseness” (within structure). This is a magical word that assists footwork, agility, speed, balance, and strength — all crucial aspects of being a great fighter — of being a great athlete.

Tension can be of assistance from time to time — but not for good balance, smooth movement, acceleration, and explosiveness. Those qualities  can only come from softness — the structure being held in a gentle, loose way — being there for the mind to call upon it. When the mind calls, the body must be able to obey. A proper structure of looseness assists that process.

Just pondering out loud. Thanks for visiting.


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