Good news! We are working hard toward renting a wonderful building to move our Palmdale location that’s on the Blvd in Lancaster (852 Lancaster Blvd,). It’s a cool place.

Unfortunately, they will be tearing down our current location within the year or so. They are developing the land to join the medical facility complex. Our landlord, George is amazing but the building must go.

We’ve been so worried because rents in Antelope Valley are quite expensive in most areas these days. But, this great building just popped into our lives and it isn’t too far — and, change is often good.

I’ll know more regarding this on Monday. I have another meeting with the owner to finalize our contractual concepts.

Drive by and tell us what you think. The area is busy, it’s fun and the building has a lot of potential. (Lots of work to get it ready!!! Anyone want to help? LOL)

Note: we are a company that offers contracts and auto pay. For those of you on contracts, we’ve done our very best to keep our move well within the state law — which is 25 miles — we will only move about five or six miles (I’ll measure it out today). I’m very happy we could keep it close by. It’s a few more minutes for some, but well within a 15 minute drive! Lets stay positive and bless the new school with our hopes and dreams for a continued kung fu way of life —

I hope this change makes everyone happy. Our current location is so dark at night with all businesses closed except the liquor store (in the evenings). It often feels like we’re unsafe and on an island. The new store is in a really fun area near the arts center, movie theater, and the cool museum! Coffee houses with a Starbucks Center opening across the street. 🙂 There is a great restaurant right next door and dozens of other ones nearby!

We will have free wifi in the school and a comfortable waiting/watching area where you can use computers etc. while waiting for class or your children! This will be like a den! 🙂

Hang in there! It’s a move we cannot avoid — and it seems we have been blessed by the gift of this new building.

Thanks and take care! We will keep everyone posted.

GM Baird

Academy of Kung Fu
844 w Palmdale Blvd.
Palmdale, CA 93551

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